Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hanging Plant Sling

This time of year when the weather is changing and we are doing our Spring cleaning, we are looking to move our plants outside.  What happens when you live in an apartment and have no out side or garden space?  With this Hanging Plant Sling, you don't have to worry!  Why not make yourself a hanging garden on your porch?

This can be made in any color, but the ones made up right now are Orange, and Lipstick & Light Raspberry.

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Baby Cloche

Baby Girl Cloche Hats. 0 - 3 months. Plum Pudding w/ White Flower, Light Orchid w/ Calliope Flower, and Baby Pink w/ Lipstick Flower

Baby Boy Beanie Hat. 0 - 3 months. Aran w/ Green stripes and tan Bear!

#Crochet #Cloche #Baby #BabyHat #BabyBeanie

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rainbow Granny Squares

This is a pretty little baby blanket, made of soft acrylic, called "Rainbow Granny Squares". The Blanket measures approximately 38” x 40”. There are a variety of colors in this blanket. The main part is White, and the trim is Pale Yellow. It has been constructed from 27 crochet squares which have been blocked (crochet term) and crocheted together.

I do take orders, and they can be customized. If you have any questions about this blanket, please feel free to ask.

UPDATE: If you would like to buy this, please go HERE. Thank you!

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