Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amigurami Donut

Amigurami Donut

This adorable Amigurami Food Donut could have been used in so many different ways, but I decided to use it as a pin cushion! It was super easy to make, and made in 5 different steps. The first step is the use the tan color to make the base, or the actual donut part, which is just a ring. Step 2 is to stuff the donut; I used acrylic stuffing. Step 3 is to use the brown (or you could use pink), for the icing part of the donut. Step 4 is to add the bling, or the sprinkles for the donut, which is optional. And last but not least, Step 5 is to sew the icing to the donut. Voila! You have an adorable little donut!

Happy Crafting from Homespun by Design,
Sunflower Mallory

Personalized Wall Decor

I was talking to my one friend, who just had her baby, one afternoon, and we were talking about crafts. She just moved into a new house, and they havn't had much time to decorate the Nursery, let alone their older son's room, or theirs.  And their son has been asking them to redo his room for some time now, but of course they want to do the baby's first.

As we were deciding the things that she wanted in their rooms, she mentioned something about wanting to have their names up on their walls.  So I thought about it for some time, and did some browsing.  Of course, she sent me some links to things that she likes.  I decided to go for it and make Name Plaques!

I found these really cool pink glittery sponge letters and I had to have them!  I knew my would love them because she loves anything that is "girly-girly", and they are super cute!  Next, I found the plaques, and instead of going with just squares or circles, I got both to break up the visual menotany.  At first I thought I was going to paint the plaques, then I thought, wait....  what if I cover them in fabric??  How awesome is that?  I know its kinda 70-ish, but it turned out really awesome, right?  And, of course, I got two different fabrics.  One for the squares and one for the circles.  And then for the ribbons!  I also got two different ribbons, so I could put the opposite color on the fabrics.  I was able to hit the jackpot with the ribbons and got them on sale, as well so that really helped!

When I posted these on my Facebook Page, Homespun by Design, someone noticed these and asked if I could make one for her.  She is pregnant and is having a boy!  Lucky her, they have already decided on a name, Ethan.  They have also decided that his Nursery is going to be in Greens, Blues and Browns, with Monkeys.  So, off I went, on the hunt for awesome things.  Boys are a bit tricker to design for a lot of times because you can't go overboard.  You have to keep it clean, classic, beautiful and timeless.

I really lucked out this time!  I found the same letters that I used for Emma's, but in Blue.  The sparkles might be a bit much for a boy, but they help bring out the blues in the fabric.  I also lucked out huge with the fabric!  Not only does it have Monkeys on it, but its Green and it has blues and browns on it.  Since I found Blue letters, I decided that I should do I Brown ribbon.  I kept with the square and circles, but stayed with the same fabric because I loved it so much.

I hope both of you ladies loved your wall hangings!
What does everyone else think?

Happy Crafting to Everyone from Homespun by Design,
Sunflower Mallory