Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Day of Pin Cushions

Not that long ago, I decided that I was going to get my Sewing Machine out and "RE-learn" how to use it again.  It's been a good 20 years since I've used the things, so it's going to take me awhile to get reaquanted and get back into the swing of things.  Everything, except from the machine itself is my Nan's, though I do still have my Grandmother's machine as well.  One day, I'm working on a project and I've got my antique pin box out.  Now, my cats are like most, they insist on "helping" on everything.  Which of course means, that they set you back most days because they are sitting on your stuff, putting their tails in your face, or knocking your stuff over.  That day, my cats decided they were going to knock my pin box over a good ten times.  I was beyond frusterated, to the point where I packed everthing up and quit for the day!  Of course, as I was packing up, I found that there was a hole in my pin box.  Now, that really doens't have much to do with my cats knocking my box over a million times, but it doesn't help.  It just gave me an excuse to look for another project!

I looked for pin cushions for days.  Looking for ones that I liked.  Of course there were a lot I liked that were sewing, and I'm still very sewing challenged.  So, I stuck with crocheted ones.  And I found a few, but I picked two.  An Apple and a Flower!  They're different, and they suit me.  What can I say?

This one is a yummy little Green Apple! Not only can you use it as a Pin Cushion, you could also use it as a great gift to a Favorite Teacher, Decorations or Ornaments. This is made out of 100% Acrylic yarn, and stuffed with Polyester filling. The stem is a Taupe color, the leaf is a Paddy Green and the body of the Apple is made of Honeydew. The Apple is 3.5"x3"x3.5".         

This is an adorable flower Pin Cushion that was orginally from a nice girl named Liselotte from Denmark, who allowed us to use her pattern. It is a very simple "stash buster" project that you can do within an hour, and anyway you please! Let your imagination run wild with this one girls. You're basically making two hexagons, stitching them together, and stuffing it. Then you take two strands of yarn and you wrap around and pull tight, to make the petals, then put the button in the middle. Viola! You have an adorable pin cushion!!

Happy Crafting from Homespun by Design,
Sunflower Mallory!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Patriotic Stars and Stripes Wreath

Patriotic Stars and Stripes Wreath

With Summer upon us and The 4th of July right around the corner, I've been searching for things to do that are both easy and fun to do.  I think I've hit the jackpot with this one!  The Patriotic Stars and Stripes Wreath is both easy and fun to make and it is super cute when its done!  It's also customizable.  You can use your own choice of ribbon and hanger.  If you think it needs something else, say a bow, knock yourself out!

All you have to do is have a Styrofoam Wreath, Red, White and Blue Yarn,  Ribbon, and a hot glue gun, and you can have one of these beauties in no time!  I found the directions on , so hurry on over and get crocheting so you have a Sparkling Wonder for The 4th of July!!

Happy Crafting From Homespun by Design,
Sunflower Mallory