Friday, June 15, 2012

Blanket Update

So here we are up to day 20, and I have been working my backside off, trying to get this blanket going. I am now up to 4 blocks of 47 different colors!

Claret, Scarlet, and Red

Black, Heather Grey and Grey

Taupe, Cafe and Wood Brown

Carrot, Orange and Mango

Persimmon, Melon and Light Coral

Calliope, Country Twists and Baby Print

Artist Print, Plum Pudding and Greens

So now that I'm up to date on my colors (I think), I and now I'll show you my (very slow) progress on my Granny Square Blanket... my very bright, colorful blanket!

Day 8

Day 11

Day 20
9 rows by 10 rows... I've gotten so so far LOL

I hope you like it!!
Love, Missy

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