Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Gift For A Friend

Baby Boy Baseball Cap 6 months made of Soft Navy and Soft White

Baby Boy 6-12 months Football Earflaps Hat made of Wood Brown and Soft White

My life these days revolves around crocheting and going to the Doctors.  So, its not a surprise to hear that most of the people I talk to are Nurses from my Doctors office right?  Maybe?  Anyways, one of the girls there was pregnant and she was told the whole entire time she was having a girl.  She was delighted!  She already had an older boy, so this Baby Girl meant the world to her.  She had everything ready for her, couldn't wait for her to come.  So, I made her a big bag full of adorable Baby Girl stuff and she was in LOVE!  Everyone in the office was fussing over it for weeks.

The other day I went in to get my levels checked and on the door I see a picture of this adorable little Baby Boy.  Kelly had a Boy!!  So much for all of that Girl stuff!!  So, what do I do?  I go home and start gathering up Baby Boy stuff to replace what I had given her the first time.  Of course, there are things like Headbands you can't replace, so I whipped these bad-boys up to replace the headbands!!  What do ya think?  Hopefully this will make up for all of the super girly frilly stuff she has to swap out.

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