Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Pocketbooks

Ok, so awhile ago my Mum started messing around with the idea of making herself a new pocketbook.  Fine, dandy, suit yourself, and have fun even.  Then of course, she sucked me into her adventure.  I'm a sucker for a new project.  Especially when it comes to picking out colors.  I love it.  And seeing as though my Mum got the bags pattern from Attic24, I decided to go hog-wild with the colors!

This is an Attic24 Bag that my Mum made for herself. Its made with Periwinkle, Honeydew, Light Raspberry, Pale Yellow, Light Coral, Soft White, Orchid, and Petal Pink. There are two straps made of all of the colors and and there are four flowers made of all of the colors as well with buttons in the middle. This bag is lined with cotton fabric and has a button sewn inside to close.
  Attic24 is known for her love of color, which I think is why I am drawn to her creations.  It seems like just about everything she makes, I instantly fall in love with.  There are so many of her lovely creations that I want to make.  You should really check out her webpage if you are like me and dig lovely colors!

This is called Flower Power Beach Bag! We made it out of Pale Yellow, Honeydew, Periwinkle, Light Raspberry, & Light Coral. It has 6 Flower Blocks on each sides, and it has stiff boarders all the way around, both sides and the bottom. It is completely lined with cotton material, and has a pocket. And has a button in the middle you can button it closed if you would like.
Now this bag was supposed to be for me, but its way too big for me.  And then we tried to give it to my Grandmother, HA.  Well, my Grandmother makes fun of everything.  Needless to say, I still have the bag.  This bag was a project.  It was full of hard decisions, and tough hours of thinking and reworking things in my head.  It wasn't quite the way it should be, just the way it was written by Bernat.  Of course, Bernat intended it to be a Beach Bag, not a Pocketbook, so of course it needed some tweeting here and there.

And then there was the lining.  Oh, the dreaded lining.  If I was just going to line the bag with fabric, ok no problem, but this bag needed stability too if it was going to be used as a Pocketbook.  So I had to not only make a template for the lining but for a cardboard liner as well.  I took the cardboard and lined the two sides and the bottom of the bag. Then I sewed then each piece of cardboard separately into the bag, piece by piece; three sides of the bag lined, two to go.  Eh, the other two sides were easy.  Now, we're all complete! But, if it were up to me, they would be Sunflowers not Daisies ;0).  I'm still looking.  It will happen, I promise you.

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